A Complete Guide to Resolve Paper-Jam Issue

Paper jamming is the most commonly occurring and annoying printer’s issue which occurs when paper fetching stops due to any reason. At many occasions, printers rescue itself from this issue on its own and complete the mid job successfully but on many occasions when it failed to repair the machine, a mess occurs which need proper recovery from professionals.

How to detect paper jam issues?

Most of the printers throw hints by flashing a light, which indicates the paper jam is about to happen. Also, slow printing could be one of the symptoms of paper jamming.
If you have detected the paper-jam issue, the following tips may help you get rid of it with simple steps:

Turn on and off: Power consumption plays an important role in specifying the speed of printing. Also, unstable electricity flow can affect your printer and promote issues like the paper jam. So whenever, the paper stuck into the tray of the printer, pull it out and turn off the printer for while. This will stop the movement of parts and cool down the fuser. Now when the heat is removed, try clearing the jam.

Clear the mess and paper: Stuck paper pieces are crap, clean it properly but gently. Carefully remove the paper sheets without tearing it. It’s important to clean the doors and input tray thoroughly. Try to pull out the paper in the upward direction. If you are not confident, take help from printer technical support because a little carelessness can create a great hassle.

Once cleaned, turn it on: After clearing all the crap, switch on the printer and let it reset its functionality. Again check for the trashes of paper and clean it again. Now close all the doors you opened for the sake of cleaning and start printing.

Tips to avoid paper-jam

Use good quality of paper; it shouldn’t excessively thick or thin.

• Introduce your paper to the printers. Let your tray know which paper you are using by choosing the characteristics of paper such as quality, thickness, and type.

• Read the printer outlet carefully before start printing. It will help you avoid certain mistakes you can probably do.

Be patient and gentle while cleaning the paper-jam because the printer-machinery is highly sensitive and a small mistake cause a great loss. If performed attentively, the above-mentioned methods can help you resolve the paper-jam issues with an ease. If the same issues are bothering you consistently, it is advisable to contact HP Customer Support Number

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